By lifting your home, add value and usable space to your home, and avoid future damage.

If your house is below street level and the sewer flows regularly, rehab is not the best solution. With today’s technology you can easily raise the level of your home.

It’s time to save money and live in the same house you used to live in. A survey of the residential building should be done before starting the house lifting process. It is important to study the existing foundation and weak members and members of the building, which require support before the lift.

Our Services

We are offering premium quality House Lifting services

Temple Lifting

We are engaged in offering Temple Lifting Services so that the foundation of the temples can be strengthened and the water clogging can be prevented.


Affordable & Efficient Building Lifting And Shifting Services.

Building Lifting

Building Lifting Services - 100% Crack Free safe lifting services. Skilled Professionals with qualified Building Lifting Team

Jack Lifting

Raise house with jacks: The jacks are applied in the space of the excavation and the jacks are applied and the house is lifted



Assess the existing foundation


Remove the utility & Dig around the foundation to install beams.


Raise the house with jacks


Removal of jack and back filling

Lifting a structure

By lifting your home, add value and usable space to your home, and avoid future damage.

About Our Company

We “JAI HANUMAN BUILDING LIFTING AND SHIFTING SERVICES ” is considered as one of the eminent and reliable service providers in the field of Building Lifting / House Lifting Services in India, established in the year 2018 at Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.We have been consistently meeting the requirements of the clients by providing excellent solutions of lifting and Shifting Services like House leveling, House Raising Services, Shop Lifting Services, Roof Lifting Services, Building Lifting Services, Temple Lifting Services, Beam Rolling Services, Gap Filling Services, Stacking Log Services, Beam Swinging Services, Foundation Lifting Services, Foundation Repair Services, House Lifting Jacking Services, House Lifting Construction Services and Under House Beam Welding Services and Building Relocation Services etc.


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